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Can you send pre-built dollhouses?
We do offer a couple pre-built dollhouses in our Finished Dollhouses category. If you would like us to build a different dollhouse for you, that service is available. Please note that shipping a custom-built dollhouse can be quite expensive, due to the weight, size, and fragility of the product. We do allow for pick-up if you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Building a custom dollhouse requires at least four weeks. If you are interested, please email or call our customer service representative.

If you would like to build your kit yourself, but need a simple design, try a QuickBuild dollhouse kit.

Do you sell parts I can use to repair my dollhouse?
Yes. Our main menu has a dollhouse décor section, where you can choose to look at items of many categories that can help you repair your dollhouse, including dollhouse parts, hardware, roofing, flooring, lighting, paint, and more.

I’ve never put a dollhouse together before. Do you have any tips or aids I can use?
We will soon have a blog available that offers how-to articles, posts with pictures and videos, and other useful information. In the meantime, please feel free to email or call Customer Service. We will be happy to help you with any questions you have!

Does every item come exactly as shown?
Almost every item on our website comes with all items pictured. The only exceptions are our “assorted” items, in which all of the versions of the item are displayed, but the purchase price only includes one of that item. If you have questions about the item you are interested in, please email or call Customer Service and have the SKU number of the item ready.


What is a dollhouse scale?
Dollhouses, furniture, accessories, and décor are built on scales to ensure that anything you buy matches what you already own in terms of size. By far the most common scale you will see is the 1”, or 1:12, scale. In this scale every inch of space is meant to represent a foot of real space. (For example, if you purchase a sofa that is 6” long, it is built to look like a 6’ long sofa in real life.) A second scale is the ½”, or 1:24, scale. In this scale every half inch of space is meant to represent a foot of real space. (If you were using this scale, a 3” long sofa would look like a 6’ long sofa in real life.) There is also a ¼”, or 1:48, scale, though it is very uncommon. Dollhouses built on a “playscale” vary in size, but most likely accommodate Barbie-size dolls. Most furniture and accessories built in this scale are meant for young children to play with; they are often made of cheaper materials (i.e. plastic) and are meant to be durable enough to withstand some tough play.

What scales does Dollhouse City offer?
Most of the items on Dollhouse City are built on the 1” scale. We do sell some ½” items; these items will state that they are ½” in the title. We have specific categories on our site for ½” furniture and ½” accessories. On our website, you can assume that if the item you are looking at does not say ½” or half-inch, it is a 1” scale item.

What scale should I use for my dollhouse?
If you own a dollhouse but are not sure what scale it is, there is an easy test you can perform. Measure the height of the bottom floor of the dollhouse from floor to ceiling. If the height is between 8 and 12 inches, your dollhouse is most likely built on a 1” scale. If the height is between 4 and 6 inches, your dollhouse is a ½” scale dollhouse. If the height is between 1 ½ and 3 inches, you have a quarter inch dollhouse. If the height is 18” or larger, you have a playscale dollhouse.

If you are purchasing a dollhouse and are trying to decide what scale to buy, we recommend the 1” scale because you will have by far the widest selection of kits, furniture, accessories, and dollhouse décor available. The ½” scale is also a nice option for some customers because your dollhouse will take up half the space, and you can still find furniture sets and some accessories for each room in your dollhouse.

How can I find the dimensions of the piece?
We have dimensions for most of the items we sell; they are located on each item’s page by the description. There are some products we sell that we do not have dimensions for, as the manufacturer has not made them available. If there is an item you are interested in and you cannot find the dimensions, you can email or call Customer Service to get a best-guess estimate.

What size are your dollhouse dolls and doll clothing?
The dimensions for most of our dollhouse dolls are available on our website. For 1” scale dolls, the typical dimensions are as follows: man- 6”, woman- 5 ½”, boy- 3 ½:, girl- 3”, baby- 1 ½” to 2”. Almost all the doll clothing we sell is meant to fit dolls of these dimensions.


Can you send me a catalog of your items?
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a catalog, as we offer over 12,000 items and must frequently change their stock status.

What payment types do you accept?
When you order, you have the option to order directly on our website (via with a credit card or personal check, or to use PayPal or Google Checkout. Please note that if you use a personal check, the amount of time it takes to ship your order will be based on the day your check is received and deposited, not the day your order is placed.

Do you have gift cards I can purchase?
Yes we do!  Our gift cards come in the form of a code, which can be added as a billing option.  The code can also be printed as a certificate via a PDF file, which you may open as soon as you have ordered your card.  Gift cards are available in $10, $20, $30, $50, $75, and $100 increments.  Simply visit our gift cards page.  From there, you can view our gift cards and add them to your cart.

When will my order arrive?
Delivery is estimated at 5 - 10 business days after purchase. Please view our Shipping page for more information. We also provide shipping time information on each page of the order process.

What happens if my item is out of stock?
We work hard to make sure that all of the items which are showing on our website are in stock; however, occasionally there is an item that has run out of stock and is ordered before we can remove it from our website. If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you with replacement/refund options.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes. Shipping rates and times vary, depending on what country the order will be shipped to and the weight of the order. If you are an international customer, and would like a shipping quote, please send us your address and the items you would like to purchase, and we can let you know the shipping price.

We cannot currently complete international orders on our website; however, we can complete the order via email or we can send you a PayPal invoice.

I miscalculated the size of my item and it doesn’t fit in my dollhouse. Can I return it?
Yes. Please contact us to obtain a return authorization number and the address to send the return to.

Include your name and order number in the box and we will process your return within 1-2 business day of receipt. Please note that we can issue a full refund for the items returned as long as they have been shipped carefully with no damage to the items. If you are returning this item due to a change of preference, we will not refund shipping.  If returning due to damage, please see below.

(Please note: this address is for mail and returns only. It is not open for customers.)

We MUST receive notification by email if you would like to return a dollhouse kit. Most kits will be returned directly to the manufacturer, but we have multiple manufacturers and will need to ensure that your order is sent to the right one. Upon receipt of your email, we will give you detailed instructions on how to do so. Please do not ship kits to Dollhouse City, as we will have to deduct the cost for us to ship it to the manufacturer from your refund.

What should I do if my item arrives damaged?
Please contact Customer Service and let us know your name, order number, SKU number of the damaged item, and a description of the damage sustained so we can replace the damaged item. If you would prefer to repair the item yourself, we can send you a partial refund for the item.

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