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Dollhouse Kits: Protecting, Repairing
and Cleaning your Dollhouse

Now that your have built your perfect dollhouse, lets talk about some great ways to protect your dollhouse kit. Many of these techniques are simple and known; however, we felt that having a good resource would be beneficial. Take care of your dollhouse kit by protecting it from sunlight and outside elements, repairing broken pieces over time, and cleaning it by removing dust.

Dollhouse Kits: Protecting your Dollhouse

The first tip in protecting your dollhouse is keeping it out of the sunlight. The paints that are used for the exterior or interior of a dollhouse kit are hobby and craft acrylic-based paint. These are not colors that will stay vibrant over time in the sun. Also, if you are going to stain your shingles or logs for a cabin these also will lighten over time in the sun.

In addition to keeping your dollhouse out of the sun we suggest that you spray it with some type of sealant or protective coating once your dollhouse is completed. You can find a great variety of sealants in your local craft or interior home store. We suggest that you give it several coats, and always apply the spray outside.

Dollhouse Kits: Repairing your Dollhouse

Unfortunately for your dollhouse kit, accidents may occur. Dollhouse kits are durable, but not invincible. In the event that a piece gets broken off or dented, you will need to know how to repair your kit. Fortunately for us, most dollhouse kits come with additional materials that you can use to replace broken pieces. If this is the case, simply replace the piece using the same techniques and adhesive that you used to install it the first time. (For example, if it was a part of the stair case we recommend using wood glue, but if it was a shingle then we recommend using Liquid Nails.)

If you have broken a piece that you do not have a replacement for, you have a couple of options. The first one is creating the replacement yourself by purchasing a similar type of wood and cutting it to the specifications. The second option is calling the store from which you purchased the dollhouse kit and ask if they have replacements available.

Dollhouse Kits: Cleaning your Dollhouse

Cleaning your dollhouse kit can be an important factor in keeping your dollhouse kit protected and looking pristine. Most of the materials that are used in a dollhouse kit can be wiped off with a damp rag. As recommended previously if you have sprayed a sealant on your dollhouse it will be protected better and this will also help during the cleaning process.

Please make sure to not soak the wood, as it will warp over time. Once you have cleaned the dollhouse it is a good idea to wipe it over with a dry towel to clear out any excess water moisture.

Dollhouses are fun to put together and play with, and we want to make sure that they last from one generation to the next. Protecting, repairing, and cleaning your dollhouse can ensure that the dollhouse will last.

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