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Dollhouse Kits: Shipping a Dollhouse Kit

After having both good and bad experiences in shipping dollhouses we have decided to share some of our tips. These tips are for individuals who plan to or have built a dollhouse for someone else and would like to ship it to them. There are three major tips that we have in shipping: getting a quote, preparation, and delivery.

Shipping a Dollhouse: Getting a Quote

Before you ever start building a dollhouse kit, you will want to know a couple of essential points of shipping: dimensions, weight, and distance. The dimensions are more important than the weight due to the fact that very large items can be penalized and charged enormous fees. You will want to check with your local delivery service to determine what restrictions are in sending a dollhouse. The measurements that are needed are height, width, and length. Please note that you will be sending this dollhouse in a box that protects the fragile pieces.

The second essential point is weight. Obviously the heavier the item is the more that it is going to cost you to send it across the country. Distance is another factor that will play into the cost of the shipment.

Once you have a good idea of these points, call a couple of carriers for a quote. Please make sure to note if these quotes would change, and what requirements will be needed (i.e. does it need to be packed beforehand).

Shipping a Dollhouse: Preparation

Much preparation is needed before building any dollhouse. The first thing that you will have to insure is that the dollhouse can make it out the door. This may seem obvious, but many crafters have not calculated how big these dollhouses can get with the roof extensions, porches, additions, etc. You will not be able to ship the item if you can not even get it out the door.

The next important preparation is the mode of transportation that you are planning to use to get the dollhouse to your local shipping office. Please measure the width of your car, van, or truck door. In our experience, trying to shove a delicate dollhouse into a small car is both nerve wracking and tiring.

Shipping a Dollhouse: Delivery

Now that you have moved the dollhouse out of the house, into the car and into your local delivery station, brace yourself for the shipping price. Hopefully the shipping quote is close to the same as your first estimate. A helpful tip: shipping to a business address is much less expensive then sending it to a home residence.

In planning your dollhouse shipment, preparing the building process to work smoothly, and delivery methods we hope that you will be able to send your dollhouse to what ever lucky destination that you intend.

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