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Dollhouse Kits: Victorian style is displayed in wooden dollhouse kits

Most wooden dollhouse kits have a Victorian style in their designs. This article will explain some of the key features of the Victorian house, and how that has translated into popular dollhouses today. There are three main areas that the Victorian style can be seen in popular dollhouse kits today. The first is in the gazebo or wrap around porch, second the circular tower, and finally the pitched triangular roofs.

Victorian Style: Gazebo or Wrap Around Porch

One of the unique features of a Victorian style house is the porch. Instead of having a front porch or a federal style porch with the roman columns, it is a simple wrap around porch. Some Victorian styles have a gazebo attached to it that adds another dimension to the house. The Victorian age was more about social calls and visiting than it is today. Homes were an important statement of wealth, and having a porch or gazebo to entertain guests would have added a lot of value to the homes at the time. It is translated into a very unique look and design today and adds a distinctive touch to any dollhouse kit.

Victorian Style: Circular Tower

Though it is not found in all Victorian style dollhouses, a prominent house style during the Victorian era was the Queen Ann. The most distinguishing feature of the Queen Ann style was the circular tower. The tower extends the room space within the house, and adds more light to the interior with multiple windows at varying angles. The height of the tower was impressive, which added to the romantic Victorian feel of the era.

Victorian Style: Pitched Victorian Roofs

In comparing various styles of houses, you will notice that Victorian homes have extremely high-pitched roofs. It is not really a problem to shingle a dollhouse kit that has pitched roofs, but it couldn’t have been easy for the real Victorian roofers!


The Victorian style is still very popular with today’s houses; most of us look at these homes with even a romantic view. The main characteristics of the Victorian home – the gazebo or wrapped porch, circular tower, and pitched roofs will continue to be displayed in both real homes and dollhouse kits.
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