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Dollhouse Construction timeline: A great plan ensures success

Over the course of our experiences with dollhouse kits, we have noted that a good plan is essential. Not only does it speed up the progress of building the dollhouse, but it prevents mistakes. Our dollhouse construction timeline includes four major aspects: preparation, painting, wall construction, and finally detailed enhancements.

Preparation: Dollhouse Kits

When you start building your first dollhouse, the first thing to do is to carefully read the instructions. Each dollhouse kit comes with detailed instructions and tips in building your own dollhouse. Please make sure that you have all of the necessary materials including all of the dollhouse kit parts, paint, and tools. Clear out a good work area that will not be disturbed during the entire project. By this time you should also have a good plan of the color and design of your dollhouse.

Painting: Dollhouse Kits

Painting your dollhouse will take a good share of the construction time. We recommend that you paint as much as you can before you start the construction process. Just remember that it is far easier to paint each piece separate rather than the completed dollhouse. Multiple brushes at varying sizes will speed up the process especially if more than one person will be working on this project.

Wall Construction: Dollhouse Kits

Next, you will be assembling the dollhouse walls. We recommend that you to ask some one for help in this process as many hands will not only insure a light work, but they will also guarantee a straight and plum wall. The first walls that will be assembled are the exterior walls. It is imperative that these walls are straight and plum, otherwise the dollhouse will be slanted and difficult to continue construction.

Detailed Enhancements: Dollhouse Kits

The last part of constructing the dollhouse is adding all of the intricate enhancements. These include windows, porches, staircases, shutters, and shingles. We recommend that you use an accent color to the overall beauty of the dollhouse look.


In following these steps, we hope that your dollhouse construction will be a smooth process. Remember that preparation, painting, wall construction, and detailed enhancements will help you complete a beautiful dollhouse.
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