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Dollhouse Kits: Staining your dollhouse

In order to construct your dollhouse kits, you will need a variety of skills: painting, construction, interior design, etc. It seems like you have to wear several different hats in order to put your dollhouse together successfully. If you are planning to give a natural finish to your dollhouse, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to stain your dollhouse. As there are many different kinds of stain you will want to visit a local home improvement store to get connected with your “construction self”. Just kidding, but honestly a dollhouse is just a small version of a house and many projects will be similar.

Staining your Dollhouse: Natural Stain Color

You will want a natural stain color that brings out the grain in the wood. Most wooden dollhouse kits will have an option of milled MDF which is a particle board and does not contain a wood grain. We encourage you to paint rather than stain. If you have a dollhouse kit made from plywood, staining is a great option to bring out the qualities of the wood. A great tip is to test the wood in an unrecognizable spot to make sure that it will stain in the way that you intend

Staing your Dollhouse: Less is More

When staining, the golden rule is “less is more”. In fact, you will want to start light for greater consistency. You can always make the stain a little darker by adding more coats. Also watch for clots and drips. A good tip is to lightly brush down the wood with a dry cloth or paper towel to take away some of the access material. Again, remember that staining is a great addition to any dollhouse and really brings out the natural and beautiful qualities of the house.
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