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Dollhouse Kit: Assembling the Walls of a Dollhouse

There are many aspects of assembling your dollhouse that can be a bit nerve racking. On of the biggest stresses in assembly is putting the walls of a dollhouse together. The walls must be straight, flush, and centered the first time, or it may cause some future structural problems for your house. In order to be successful in this process we recommend three steps to insure success. First is planning, second is getting a helper, and third is securing and stabilizing while the glue dries.

Planning your Dollhouse Kit Assembly

Success with a dollhouse is secured with planning. In planning the dollhouse assembly, make sure that you have read through the detailed instructions that are given with each dollhouse kit. Instructions are vital to understand the proper process in building any dollhouse kit. We suggest that you group each piece of the dollhouse in the order that it needs to be constructed. This will add to a pleasant construction experience. Also, reading ahead gives you an idea about where the next several pieces will go, which helps prevent confusion or mistakes now.

Getting a Helper

Though most aspects of building a dollhouse can be done solo, there is something special about building a dollhouse as a team. Dollhouse teamwork will benefit not only the dollhouse kit assembly, but it will build value within the partnership or family. Imagine the triumph of a 12 yr old daughter that was able to help glue or paint. In any case a helper will be needed for some aspects of dollhouse wall assembly. During the initial stages you will be gluing some free standing boards perpendicular to each other. A helper can hold the boards while you insure that they are flush and level.

Securing and Stabilizing

Any dollhouse kit will need to be secured and stabile while the glue dries. We recommend a couple of options:

  1. With your helper, hold the dollhouse walls together for upwards of 15 minutes. (Very boring on your own – good quality time with a helper!)
  2. Use masking tape to secure the dollhouse. This option is better, but you will have to watch the walls to make sure that they stay plum
  3. Grab a couple large hardbound books (old school yearbooks are excellent) to place between the floors, and stabilize the walls. Tape down the corners, and apply books on top of the house to place pressure on the connections. This option is by far the best and once secure can be left for hours while the glue dries.
  4. Nail parts together when and where possible
A happy home is a secure one, and to assure quality construction please plan ahead, grab a partner, and secure that dollhouse!
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