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Wooden Dollhouse kit or a Plastic Dollhouse?

Do I want a wooden dollhouse kit or a simple plastic dollhouse? This is a question that many people ask themselves while shopping around for a dollhouse. There are many pros and cons to each of the dollhouses types available. In this article we will break down some of the pros and cons to help you in your decision process.

Plastic Dollhouse Pros

There are some great plastic dollhouses out in the market today. The best thing about them is that they are on average much cheaper then most dollhouses, and as such will be within a birthday or Christmas type budget. Another pro for the plastic dollhouses is weight; they are much lighter and easier to move around the house. Also, the plastic nature is brighter than most painted wooden dollhouse kits, and in some customers opinion will match consumer dolls better than a wooden dollhouse kit. The last benefit to a plastic house is that they are usually much taller than a wooden dollhouse, and are more compatible with popular 12 inch plastic dolls.

Plastic Dollhouse Cons

The biggest downside to a plastic dollhouse is that compared to a wooden dollhouse they look very cheap. It is like comparing a modern building to the Sistine Chapel. Most plastic dollhouses are big, square, and bulky with no real form or design other than a triangle top that is supposed to represent the roof of the house. Another downside to the plastic house is that the decorations are made from paper that can be torn easily and hard to repair. The last con is that these dollhouses were meant to be play toys and would never be able to be displayed in your living or family room.

Wooden Dollhouse Pros

The biggest benefit of a wooden dollhouse is that they are extremely detailed and beautiful. The design of a wooden dollhouse is much like a classic Victorian home with wrap around porches, steep roofs, and real wooden shingles. Honestly if you set a plastic dollhouse next to a wooden dollhouse in a nursery or preschool, the wooden dollhouse is the one that everyone will fight over. Dollhouse kits require assembly, and we really look at this as a pro because you can get to know the hobbyist within you. Putting together a dollhouse can bring the family together, and we guarantee that you will value the dollhouse much more than any pre-constructed plastic dollhouse.

One of the best pros to a wooden dollhouse is the ability to accessorize it. There are thousands of miniatures that are built for these dollhouses, enabling you to change up the look of your dollhouse from time to time. The Plastic dollhouses usually come with the only furniture that is available for that house, and finding replacements or substitutes can be challenging.

The final pro is that when you get very good at this hobby you can start to add lights to the dollhouses. The lights transform an ordinary dollhouse into a miniature home that will take your breath away.

Wooden Dollhouse Cons

The biggest con that we see with the wooden dollhouses is price. Wooden dollhouses are more expensive due to the quality materials that they are made with. To save money we suggest that you start this hobby with a smaller dollhouse (from 2-5) rooms and work your way up.

Another con is that they are heavy. This really comes from the quality wood with which the dollhouse kit is made. It will be difficult to move or ship, so if this is going to be a problem we again suggest starting out small

Not every dollhouse is for every family, but we believe that every family would enjoy a dollhouse. Please consider our pros and cons as you go about your dollhouse selection. For a longer lasting, better looking dollhouse choose a wooden dollhouse kit. For a cheaper, easy to move and assemble dollhouse, choose a plastic dollhouse.

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