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Dollhouse Kit: Installing Windows into your Dollhouse

One of the most dramatic changes in the outlook of your dollhouse project is attaching the windows. This will transform your dollhouse kit from a wooden shell into a quaint cottage. When working with windows there are three major steps to assembling the house: Squaring the corners, window assembly, and attaching the dollhouse windows.

Squaring the Corners

Every dollhouse kit is manufactured from wood strips. The type of material that is used is unimportant, but the method that is used is important. Most dollhouse kit windows are created with a router. It is a simple and effective tool; however it will not leave square corners. Rounded corners will create a problem when installing a dollhouse window because they will not fit properly. This is an easy to remedy, and we recommend that you square the corners with a small fine-toothed saw. Simply cut the rounded part out so that it is square. Also, another tip is to cut out the corners before any dollhouse wall assembly.

Window Assembly

Windows are going to be one of the first things that people see with your dollhouse, and making sure that you have a proper assembly is vital. The key to an excellent window is a square assembly. Your dollhouse windows will come in parts ready to assemble. Each of the side ends are cut at a precise 45 degree angle to insure a perfect square after assembly.

To insure that your squares are and remain square we have two techniques. First, each dollhouse window frame has a ridge that you will use to insert into the dollhouse. When gluing the window you will want to assemble all sides together at once and then place a rubber band in that same window ridge to hold it tightly together. Practice rubber-banding the frames with out the glue first, so you don’t smear glue everywhere trying to do it later. The other tip is to use your fingers to insure that you have a flush connection on all sides.

Attaching the Windows

The final step of the dollhouse kit window assembly is inserting these frames into the dollhouse. Window assembly is a simple process. In many kits there are two frames for each window and an actual plastic window frame that is inserted between the frames. Before gluing the window into the dollhouse test each frame with each window and you will find that some fit better in different places. Also, it is a good idea to paint the dollhouse windows before inserting them into the dollhouse. Now is the time to assemble the windows. Place glue around the grove and place it firmly up against the dollhouse, then the window pane comes next and is followed with the last dollhouse window frame. Be careful not to put too much glue on, as it will smear the window pane when it is placed inside.


Windows are a perfect accent to each dollhouse. In squaring, assembling, and attaching the windows properly you will ensure that your dollhouse kit windows will show off all the beauty and skill that you intend.
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