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Dollhouse Kits: The Building Blocks of Dollhouses!
Using Glue, Tape and Nails Effectively

The building blocks of dollhouses are the adhesive that is used to keep it together. As such it is extremely important to make sure that this process is done properly. This articles purpose is to explain the correct techniques in using glue, tape and nails on a dollhouse

Using Glue

Glue is going to be the most important adhesive used in your dollhouse. As such you will want to make sure that you are using the right kind of glue. For your main dollhouse you will be using wood glue. Any kind will do; we recommend using the same type of carpenters glue that you would see on a construction project. We recommend water based glue, so that the excess can be wiped away. Please note that if you are using yellow wood glue and you don’t wipe the excess away you will be left with an unseemly bump and a yellow stain.

Wood glue will be used on the main parts of the dollhouse including all of the walls, staircases, windows, etc. The only time that you will not want to use water based glue is installing the shingles. Because of the narrowness of the wood, water based glue may cause warping. To avoid this we recommend using an adhesive that is non water based, like liquid nails.

Using Tape

Tape is one of the top time saving devices that you can use for your dollhouse. Instead of holding your dollhouse together and waiting for the glue to dry, simply tape the pieces together and take a break. Some important tips with taping:

  1. Make sure that you use masking tape or at least tape that will come off fairly easily without leaving a mark
  2. Always tape the piece in multiple places
  3. Stretch the tape while applying to make sure that it will hold the pieces of wood firmly together

Using Nails

Nails are needed to insure longetivity with any dollhouse. We recommend that they are used on the exterior shell or walls of the dollhouse. You will want to place a nail on every perpendicular connection of your dollhouse. We recommend that you place three nails with each wall, one on each end and one in the middle.

When nailing, remember to use small smooth nails. Most kits include the proper size nails. Make sure that your placement of each nail is accurate. Center the nail in the middle of the perpendicular board and drive the nail straight in. Slanted or misplaced nails will crack the board and leave damage marks on your dollhouse.


Using these techniques, you will be able to insure quick and effective construction. Building your dollhouse kit can be a fun experience, but also will test your abilities. By building your dollhouse kit right the first time and using the proper adhesives, you will ensure that it will be around for a long long time.
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