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Dollhouse Kits: Enjoying your finished dollhouse

Dollhouse kits make the perfect crafting project because you end up with a beautiful finished product. There are many different type of crafters that enjoy this hobby for different reasons. We would like to share some of our ideas for enjoying and sharing your finished product.

Display your dollhouse

I have known many dollhouse collectors that display their dollhouse kits proudly in the living room or family area. Dollhouse kits, when displayed, will become a great conversation piece for your home. We suggest that you accessorize your dollhouse for maximum effect. One of the exiting things in building a dollhouse is furnishing your dollhouse. Dollhouse miniature manufactures literally make everything that goes into a regular house as a miniature.

Play with your dollhouse

The difference between a dollhouse craft and any other craft is that you can both display this fantastic piece and play with it. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews you will soon become the favorite mother, grandparent, aunt or uncle. Almost every little girl dreams of having a dollhouse of their own to play with. Now we all know that you could purchase a plastic dollhouse in a local toy store, however when you place a dollhouse kit dollhouse next to a plastic one you will defiantly know which will be favored.

Give your dollhouse away

There are two great things about giving a dollhouse away. The first is having the experience of giving joy and happiness to someone in need, sharing with family, or increasing the bonds of friendship. All of the work that you put into planning, painting, building, and accessorizing your dollhouse will be rewarded by the exited look of your recipient. Look around your family, friends and neighborhood. Is there someone that would benefit from your kindness?

The second great thing about giving a dollhouse away is that you will have enough room to start another dollhouse kit project. We have built several dollhouses and it gets more and more fun each time. When you build your second, third, or fourth house you will hone your talents, and really experience some great construction challenges as you start to increase the size, complexity, and design of the house.


As your dollhouse is being completed, now is the time to start to think about what you are going to do with this hobby. We hope that you will enjoy your dollhouse kit immensely, share it with others, play with it as much as possible, and if there is a lucky child out there that benefits from your generosity – we would just like to say thanks for making the world a bit brighter, and a little more fun.
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