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How to Build a Dollhouse: Tips and Tricks in Dollhouse Kit Assembly

 How to Build a Dollhouse

Building a Dollhouse can be a lot of fun, and it doesn't have to be a lot of work.  You will find hundreds of Dolllhouse kits in this website that will both make how to build a dollhouse easy and fun, but the ending dollhouse kit will become an herloom for years and years to come.

How many times have you seen half finished discarded dollhouses in an attic or at grandmothers house?  The dollhouse kits that you will find at Dollhouse City will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Dollhouse Kits will make the process easy, but there is still many tips and tricks that you will learn in this section of our webbsite.  These articles will teach you time saving techniques that will not only speed the process of building a dollhouse, but the end result will be spectacular!

Please select any article below to learn more about how to Build a dollhouse
Building a Dollhouse: Construction TimelineOver the course of our experiences with dollhouse kits, we have noted that a good plan is essential. Not only does it speed up the progress of building the dollhouse, but it prevents mistakes. Our dollhouse construction timeline includes four major aspects: preparation, painting, wall construction, and finally detailed enhancements.
Building a Dollhouse: PaintingPainting will take up about half of the time that you will spend creating your dollhouse kit. It is fun to see the dollhouse take shape with the new color and design. Our suggestions in painting your own dollhouse are as follows: plan the painting process, choose the appropriate brush, and paint multiple smooth coats.
Dollhouses: Use a Dollhouse Kit or Build My Own?Dollhouse crafting is a fun hobby for any crafter, builder, or architect at heart. One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is: should I build a dollhouse from scratch, or use a dollhouse kit? We have a couple of recommendations that will help in this decision. First, do you have enough time? Second, do you have the right tools and skills to build a dollhouse from scratch? Third, is money an issue? Last, why are you building this dollhouse?
Dollhouse Kits: Staining your dollhouseIn order to construct your dollhouse kits, you will need a variety of skills: painting, construction, interior design, etc. It seems like you have to wear several different hats in order to put your dollhouse together successfully. If you are planning to give a natural finish to your dollhouse, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to stain your dollhouse. As there are many different kinds of stain you will want to visit a local home improvement store to get connected with your “constructio
Dollhouse Kit: Assembling the Walls of a DollhouseThere are many aspects of assembling your dollhouse that can be a bit nerve racking. On of the biggest stresses in assembly is putting the walls of a dollhouse together. The walls must be straight, flush, and centered the first time, or it may cause some future structural problems for your house. In order to be successful in this process we recommend three steps to insure success. First is planning, second is getting a helper, and third is securing and stabilizing while the glue dries.
Dollhouse Kit: Installing Windows in your DollhouseOne of the most dramatic changes in the outlook of your dollhouse project is attaching the windows. This will transform your dollhouse kit from a wooden shell into a quaint cottage. When working with windows there are three major steps to assembling the house: Squaring the corners, window assembly, and attaching the dollhouse windows.
Dollhouse Kits: Using Glue, Tape and Nails EffectivelyThe building blocks of dollhouses are the adhesive that is used to keep it together. As such it is extremely important to make sure that this process is done properly. This articles purpose is to explain the correct techniques in using glue, tape and nails on a dollhouse
Dollhouse Kits: Adding Shingles to your DollhouseAside from paint, nothing will add more to your dollhouse’s exterior appearance than a good shingle job. As you prepare to put your dollhouse together, it is important to think about what kind of roofing will look best, whether or not you want to dye your shingles, and how to attach them to your dollhouse.
Dollhouse Kit: Materials Needed to Build a DollhouseIf you’ve recently ordered a dollhouse kit, you are probably anxious to get started! While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, now is a great time to get all the materials you will need together. Your kit includes all the wood needed to build your dollhouse, but you will need some tools to assemble and paint it, decorate the interior, and add any embellishments that you might want.
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